Panda Paranormal                        

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    We're a ghost hunting team consisting of two highly-experienced teenagers who love ghost hunting and helping people out in any way possible. We are both very good with technology, and unlike the television shows, we do nothing scripted, nor do we photoshop or add to the audio. We both have different ways that we do things, which is what makes things work the best. This way, the evidence we gather is backed up in more than one way. We do not claim to be able to rid your territories of entities, but we can confirm that they are there. We are very productive, don't quit until the job gets done, and work very hard at what we do. Please do not try anything you see us do on your own. We have encountered very many entities both together and on our own. We can identify the differences between orbs, bugs, dust, etc., as well as distinguish the differences between voices and the wind, footsteps, or any other sound. While observing our evidence, we always look at the alternative options first, rather than automatically assuming that everything is in relation to a ghost. We apply logic and science to our evidence, so don't expect us to claim thunder to be a growl (just an example). We believe that if you're going to do something, do it right the first time, because you have to do the job either way, so why not do the best you can?